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Moving to Germany from the UK? Take These Steps

There’s a couple of things to sort out when moving to Germany. They’re all straightforward if you work with the right companies. e.g. Opening a bank account can range from weeks, in person with lots of paperwork to minutes. So: Sort out your visa if...

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The German Health System vs. the NHS

Here you’ll learn about the fundamental differences between the NHS and the German “Krankenkassen” and a quick intro to how the German system works, so you’ll understand the different options presented to you. This is by no means exhaustive, and is...

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Private liability insurance

The one insurance that every German knows you should have is liability insurance. Why is that? German law: The BGB says that you are liable for damage dealt to others (even accidental) with your entire wealth. Including any future earnings! And as...

German Insurance Basics

German Insurance Basics

There is a lot to think about when moving to Germany. Insurance unfortunately is one of these things. We’ll provide you with the basics here, what should you watch out for, and where you can find further information. And if you don’t want to read...